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    When my son started having allergic reactions to multiple foods, I tried to find reasons to explain what was happening. After much research, I discovered that our food system is broken. Beyond that discovery, I also learned that we are exposed to toxic chemicals in almost every aspect of our daily lives. I was overwhelmed with information and frustrated by the things I couldn't control. One day I found myself crying in the grocery store, reading label after label, knowing that I didn't want to feed my family this way any longer.

    And so began my journey to research, learn, and find a way to live a cleaner life. It's still a work in progress but, using the 80/20 rule, I very much enjoy the challenge. Finding Clean is a way for me to share my discoveries with the world, and to show people that change doesn't have to be so hard.

    "Be the change you want to see in the world." -Mahatma Ghandi

    So here I am, hopefully changing the world (or at least my little corner of it). If you want to join in, start HERE at the beginning.



Yes, that bouncy, jiggly, yummy orange JELL-O that grandma always made has gelatin in it.  Gelatin is made through a process of grinding, heating, and breaking down the bones, tissue, tendons and hides of animals.   This might be a little alarming to some people (that had no idea how it was made), but the […]

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As I begin packing my belongings and preparing to move from the home that I was married in and had both my babies in, I’m trying to find the silver lining.  It also happens to be the longest that I’ve lived in one place for my entire life, so I have definitely grown a few […]

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