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Safer Back to School Supplies

I can’t believe I’m writing a back-to-school post in mid-July, but our school goes back on July 31st!!  So crazy!  I wanted to share some of my favorite items that we use in case it’s helpful to anyone else out there!  I included my Amazon affiliate links for convenience (I personally love shopping with my Amazon Prime Account), but you can find all of these products directly on each seller’s website as well.

Five years ago I purchased a Planetbox for my daughter.  It’s a bit pricey for a lunchbox, but worth every penny!  It still looks perfect, and it’s the best solution for “grazers” that like to have lots of bite sized items.  No need for baggies or containers, just fill up the sections and close the lid.  It opens flat for the dishwasher as well.  We now have the Rover for my son, plus the Shuttle for snacks at the pool or on the go, and I have the adult sized Launch for myself.  The ease of use is the best part.  Open them up on the counter, fill up the sections, close the lid and go (even the kids can fill it up themselves)!  We have the carrying case for each box, which cleans up good in the washer.  I should mention that the sections do seal off from each other, but they are not liquid proof unless you use the included containers.  When the kids were younger, this box was especially great because there were no containers or lids to lose. (Photo by PlanetBox)

Planetbox Rover

In recent years, I have also invested in a few more pieces for flexibility.  Sometimes I want to put a whole yogurt cup in the lunch, or a thermos with something hot.  In these cases, I prefer to use my Lunchbots containers.  These are amazing stainless steel bento boxes that are small enough for a few things, then you can throw in your additional lunch items.  So, I might put half of a sandwich, plus some veggies/apples, and then add a yogurt cup or thermos of soup.  They come in various sizes, but I have the Duo, Trio, and Quad. (Photo by Lunchbots)

Lunchbot Trio

If you ask my husband, he would tell you that I have a serious drink container addiction.  It’s really hard to find the perfect container (and I’ve tried A LOT of them),  but I think I’ve finally settled on my winning water bottle!  The Contigo stainless steel bottles with auto-seal technology!  I bought three of them at Target (24 ounces) and we have used them all summer.  They keep drinks cold even when sitting in the hot car for hours.  There are no straws, plugs, or random pieces to lose.  They AUTO-SEAL, so no leaking in bags.  AND, they are not plastic – YAY!  I bought these two for the kids for school (20 oz) – shhhh, don’t tell my hubby!  😉  (Video by Contigo)

I have also used some plastic containers (Ziploc divided containers and Easy Lunchboxes) in the past, but I’m trying really hard to stay away from them as much as possible.  When I’m feeling lazy, I put peanut butter, hummus, ketchup in these little disposable plastic containers.  Going “green” with the lunchboxes has actually made my life easier.  Dealing with plastic containers is no fun, and they don’t wash well in the dishwasher.  Plus, the ziploc bags are a pain, and cost more over time.

Let me know what other questions you might have about preparing for school!


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