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Why Beautycounter

When a friend told me about Beautycounter, I was so excited to learn more.  After investigating all of the chemicals and GMO’s in food and cleaning products, I found myself stuck in the quest for safer personal care products as well.  It’s no small task, and I’ve spent many hours with my SkinDeep app in the beauty product aisles, checking for the safety ratings of everything from mascara to moisturizer.  I’ve spent countless dollars on various brands of shampoo, lipstick, lotion, shaving cream – you name it!  Some of them are okay, some great, and some are really terrible.

The biggest challenge in the personal care industry is the lack of regulations requiring companies to list all of the ingredients on the label.  In addition to that, the words “natural” and “organic” have no legal meaning in the industry.  So, even if you know what you don’t want to buy, it is often hard to navigate through the smoke and mirrors of advertising and misleading labels.

On a personal level, I also found it very difficult to give up the luxurious products that I loved (like Chanel) for watered down so-called “natural” products I found at the store.  For me, Beautycounter has solved this problem with high performing and gorgeous products with safer (and fully disclosed) ingredients.

And the icing on the cake is that Beautycounter is actually walking the walk.  They are actively pushing for change in the industry, meeting with members of Congress, speaking out about the dangerous chemicals in personal care products, and supporting consumer focused organizations like EWG, Healthy Child Healthy World, and the Breast Cancer Fund.

Change is possible, and we all have a choice.