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I visit the following websites often for information, recipes, news, and inspiration.  I hope you enjoy them as well.

Beautycounter  |

A place to find cleaner, safer beauty products for yourself and your family.

100 Days of Real Food  |

Lots of great information about eating real, whole foods.  She includes recipes, steps for making change, lunch ideas, and so much more.

Environmental Working Group (EWG)   |

*Within EWG there are three very helpful resources that I refer to consistently

Skin Deep Cosmetic Database
Guide to Healthy Cleaning
Sunscreen Guide
Shopper’s Guide to Pesticide

Robyn O’Brien  |  The Unhealthy Truth |

I have to credit Robyn O’Brien with inspiring me to begin this journey in the first place.  GREAT information about our food system and what it’s doing to our children.

Deliciously Organic   |

Beautiful pictures and recipes, including grain free, dairy free, and paleo versions.

Center for Science in the Public Interest   |

Seth Godin’s Blog   |

A great source for daily inspiration having to do with everything from education, to work, to society as a whole.

On Being with Krista Tippett   |

LOVE her podcasts!  Check out the interview with Seth Godin here.

Plywood People  |

Have you heard of social entrepreneurs? This amazing organization supports people doing good!

Zenpencils  |

Creative comics using inspiring quotes.  Awesome!