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Monthly Archives: April 2013


Yes, that bouncy, jiggly, yummy orange JELL-O that grandma always made has gelatin in it.  Gelatin is made through a process of grinding, heating, and breaking down the bones, tissue, tendons and hides of animals.   This might be a little alarming to some people (that had no idea how it was made), but the […]

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As I begin packing my belongings and preparing to move from the home that I was married in and had both my babies in, I’m trying to find the silver lining.  It also happens to be the longest that I’ve lived in one place for my entire life, so I have definitely grown a few […]

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Chemical Pajamas

If you listen to the chemical industry lobbyists, they would have you believing that fire is a CLEAR AND PRESENT danger in every small child’s life.  Now, I am not denying there is a risk of fire in every household, but compared to the 1970’s, when it was acceptable to smoke almost everywhere, I think […]

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I love Cool Whip

Seriously, I love the taste of Cool Whip.  I think the only time I ever really eat it is at Thanksgiving when somebody makes a pumpkin pie (which is rare since nobody in my family will eat Pumpkin Pie).  But still, I’ve been known to stick a spoon in there and just eat it plain. […]

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