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Chemical Pajamas

If you listen to the chemical industry lobbyists, they would have you believing that fire is a CLEAR AND PRESENT danger in every small child’s life.  Now, I am not denying there is a risk of fire in every household, but compared to the 1970’s, when it was acceptable to smoke almost everywhere, I think the risk is fairly small.  And quite frankly, I would take that risk over the many serious side effects from repeated exposure to toxic chemicals while my babies are sleeping.

It’s a deep and complex web to understand the whole “flame-retardant” issue, but I will tell you there are many, many chemicals lurking in our child and baby products.  Upon doing my research, I found that some chemicals were banned from being used in kids’ pajamas back in the 70’s.  But different (still toxic) chemicals are being used instead.  Yesterday at Costco, when looking for pajamas, I picked up a set that specifically recommended washing in cold water and drying on low in order to “preserve the flame retardant properties.”  HUH?

To be safe, I would suggest just buying pajamas that have not been treated with flame retardant.  Generally speaking, if the garment has not been treated, it will say something about “must fit snugly” like the tag below.  You can also purchase organic cotton pajamas, which avoids exposure to all the pesticides used in growing cotton as well.  :) I know, just one more thing to think about, right?

***** UPDATED to add:  A friend told me that H&M uses organic cotton for much of it’s children’s clothes (and they are very inexpensive).  I also love the Hanna Andersson Organic Cotton Pajamas.  I will usually buy a neutral design for Kylie, which she uses until she grows out of them, then Jake gets to use them.  Generally it’s three years worth of wear, and they still look great!

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