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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Anything can be

When I read this awesome article in Forbes about education, it reminded me of a quote by Shel Silverstein.  The world is ever changing, and I truly believe “anything can be.”

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Gotta love the chips!

I’m a big fan of mexican food.  And I will admit that cheese dip is a weakness of mine.  Yes, the white, processed, preservative filled , cheese product is something that I cannot bear to give up.  Everything in moderation, right?   I don’t ever keep it in my house, but if you spot me […]

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Change is good

In almost every aspect of life, change is often viewed as something negative.  Back in my corporate office days, just speaking the word “change” would ignite fear in most people.  I’ve discovered (the hard way), that change is almost ALWAYS a good thing.  It’s often painful, but still good. Changing the way my family eats […]

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The Spice Packets

One of the biggest “a-ha” moments for me was when I started reading the ingredients on my favorite spice packets.  You know, taco seasoning, ranch dip, gravy packets.  I had never given it much thought before, I just assumed that’s how you make taco meat, or that’s how you make ranch dip.  Is there any […]

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All purpose cleaner

I used to use Clorox Anywhere.  It’s touted as safe – even for pacifiers.  But, according to EWG, these ingredients really aren’t so family friendly.  (Here is the rating info).  I recently made the switch to the Whole Foods Brand “Green Mission” All Purpose Spray.  It’s a huge bottle, inexpensive, works great, and is completely […]

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