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When you use my storefront to shop with Beautycounter, I receive a commission.  This revenue helps me pay for this website and all of the work I put into it.  As much as I love Beautycounter products, I am committed to sharing my honest experience with their products, as well as alternatives that I enjoy as well.

You are voting with your dollars when you shop at Beautycounter, supporting the mission to get safer beauty products in the hands of everyone.  Products that are free of harmful chemicals – including ALL of these below which are included on the list of ingredients that Beautycounter will never use.


If you should decide to become a Band of Beauty Member (optional) you will receive the following:

  • You will receive 15% shopping credit on all orders – for use on your next purchase
  • Educational opportunities from Beautycounter’s trusted non-profits and special offers
  • FREE SHIPPING on orders of more than $100
  • And the best part – $10 of your membership fee goes to one of the three trusted charities that Beautycounter supports!

Thank you for your support and PLEASE contact me directly for any questions or guidance on Beautycounter products!