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Hello Honey!

I did give up sugar completely for 30+ days (along with grains, alcohol, most dairy — basically my whole life), but now I just want to enjoy my coffee guilt free, WITH sweetener!  I have been using local raw honey that I received for Christmas, but decided to take the Manuka plunge, since I’ve read […]

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Coffee Creamer

As fall drifts in and winter is near, I find that I crave coffee more and more.  Although, I do love Starbucks and their multitude of delightful java drinks, I have tried to minimize my consumption ever since reading The Food Babe’s investigation into the quality of their food & coffee.  It also proves to […]

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Salad Dressing

Okay, let’s talk about salad dressing.  Quite possibly one of the most “unhealthy” things that we eat while trying to do something good for our bodies.  Most of the salad dressings in the conventional grocery store are full of artificial ingredients, chemicals, GMO’s and food coloring (just to name a few).   I’m not sure […]

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I love Cool Whip

Seriously, I love the taste of Cool Whip.  I think the only time I ever really eat it is at Thanksgiving when somebody makes a pumpkin pie (which is rare since nobody in my family will eat Pumpkin Pie).  But still, I’ve been known to stick a spoon in there and just eat it plain. […]

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