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The Farm

One of my favorite places to go these days is the farm.   More specifically, My Dad and Me Family Farm.  In my quest to eat cleaner, I wanted to know more about where my food is coming from.  I found this local farm when I was researching the benefits of drinking raw milk.  Susan responded to my email right away, and I went for a tour the next week.  WOW.  I had never been so close to my own food supply before.  She knew the cows and pigs by name, and the chickens roamed freely, foraging for bugs.  Fresh organic greens were growing right off the back porch, and the fridge was stocked with pastured eggs.  I have to admit, I felt kind of warm and fuzzy inside.  I had this urge to hug Susan, and tell her THANK YOU for caring enough to grow these fabulous foods, and give these animals a happy home, and most of all, for sharing it with me, a total stranger. (I did show some restraint here, since I had just met her, and I didn’t want her to think I was crazy).  :)

It takes me about 20-25 minutes to get there from my house.  Yes, it’s not as convenient as the grocery store, but it “fills my bucket” so much more than the aisles and aisles of processed foods.  Jake usually comes with me, so we get extra time to chat in the car.  Or, if I’m by myself I use the “free time” to listen to something inspiring like a Podcast from Krista Trippett (On Being) like this one with Seth Godin.  And on my way home, with all my loot, I always feel happy that I did something for myself,  something for my family, and even a little something for my community by supporting a local farm.  Last week Susan even went out and cut me a big bag of fresh Kale while I waited.  I got to eat it (and juice it) within hours of being cut.  YUMMO!

When you enter the back porch, it’s friendly, and lit with twinkling lights.  The tables are stocked with raw honey, homemade granola, and sorghum syrup.  Fresh greens and eggs can be found in the fridge, along with jars of fresh raw milk.  The freezer is usually stocked with 100% grass fed whole-cow beef, pork chops, lamb, and sausage.   Pretty much everything was organic before, but as of 2013, they are completely organic AND GMO free as well.  YAY!

In case you’re still not inspired enough to go check out the farm (they are in Powder Springs), I should tell you they planted 3,000 strawberry plants due to arrive in early April.  We will be able to pick our own organic strawberries — and I can’t wait to take the kids!  Strawberries are one of the “dirtiest” fruits and are contaminated with more than 50 different pesticides.  I NEVER by conventional strawberries.  Ever.  I’d rather go without.

Let me know if you decide to go sometime, maybe I’ll see you there!  :)

These are two (out of 4) of my milk jars.  I was signed up for a weekly milk pick up, but due to my changing schedule I have to pick it up “will call” style now when I go.   If I can’t get milk from the farm, I will sometimes buy the farm milk at Whole Foods from Hickory Hill Dairy.  It’s Whole Milk, pasteurized but not homogenized.  The least amount of processing I can purchase at a conventional grocery store here in Georgia.

I love raw honey.  LOVE IT!  There are so many great health benefits to consuming raw honey, but it’s still a sweetener so less is more.  I substitute honey for sugar in recipes at times, and I use it to sweeten plain yogurt or oatmeal.  In my fridge you will always find a small jar filled with raw honey, organic ginger slices, and organic lemon slices.  It’s a wonderful concoction mixed with warm water for sore throats and coughs.  Kylie and I swear by it!  :)



March 2, 2013 - 3:40 pm

Jeff - I love the farm!

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