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As I have grown more confident in my “real food” choices, the next item on my list is cosmetics/beauty products, and household cleaning supplies.  I think changing my make-up is the hardest thing, I’m so attached to my familiar products.  Plus, I can’t even begin to understand all the crazy stuff in the ingredients list […]

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Grocery Shopping

Many people have asked me how I grocery shop, so I thought I would share.  When we began this transition to “real” food and non-GMO, I was very overwhelmed at the grocery store (namely, Publix).  Everything that was familiar to me was no longer something I wanted to consume.  I still wanted to have bread, […]

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Something as simple as syrup is filled with toxic ingredients.  “No High Fructose Corn Syrup” would lead us to believe it’s a healthier alternative to regular syrup.  But as you will see below, it’s anything BUT healthy.  I used to love Mrs. Butterworth’s syrup.  LOVED it.  It was actually hard for me to make the switch because […]

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Kix is NOT all natural

I do my best to limit processed food in our diet, but we still have cereal and a selection of crackers and chips (among other things).  When I started buying only organic cereal, I had a hard time finding one that my daughter liked.   Cereal can be expensive, so doing trial and error is […]

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Gotta love the chips!

I’m a big fan of mexican food.  And I will admit that cheese dip is a weakness of mine.  Yes, the white, processed, preservative filled , cheese product is something that I cannot bear to give up.  Everything in moderation, right?   I don’t ever keep it in my house, but if you spot me […]

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